Public speaking skills can be acquired. All of us have the potential to live, relate and connect with each other better through public communication and leadership. Speaking life shares the experiences of a toastmaster who reached the finals of the District 80 Table-Topics contest in May 2007. Everyday is a day that we can become better communicators.

The Power of Positive Speaking

Words are powerful.

Words spoken out loud are even more powerful!

Words have power over life and death
They have the power of life and death. Spoken words can build you up or to tear you down. In my toastmasters career, I now know why the founders of the toastmasters movement have incorporated the power of positive speaking into the basic communication and leadership manuals. What Dr. Ralph C. Smedley started in motion was a movement that helped develop the potential in thousands upon thousands of people all over the world, because he saw that the power of the spoken word to move others to greater heights.

Have you ever encountered a situation where your parents scolded you harshly for something you had done? Have you ever been berated by your boss for a task not done to satisfaction. And have you ever been chided by colleagues for your actions? None of us likes to be criticised or scolded. Sometimes the criticism is important for us to grow, to know what is the right thing to do, to avoid harming ourselves or others. But words spoken harshly with a mean spirit and vengeful viciousness does nothing but kills our human spirit and our own self-confidence.

We remember how people made us feel rather than what they said
I remember someone say that we remember how someone made us feel more than what the person said. How true! How many of our hang-ups, phobias and fears in life are because of something someone said when we were young and impressionable; naive and vulnerable? How many times did we feel like dying because instead of receiving encouragement and support from our loved ones, we encountered apathy, accusations and recriminations spoken harshly?

One of the things that keep me going back to toastmasters is the spirit of positivity and encouargement that permeates most meetings. The warmth and support one gets from toastmasters is a stress reliever and also helps ones to regain own self image and allows us to be revalidated again as rightful members of the human race!

Encourage someone today
So the next time you see your fellow loved one, relative or friend being down or depressed. Say something encouraging and positive with a sincere heart because all of you have the power of positive speaking in you... to speak life into others!